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Our service offering in Qatar

Do you know the real cost of your development over its life time? Our specialist team - based in the United Kingdom - helps clients understand whole life outputs, to achieve best value in the long-term.

Our services help clients appreciate how a detailed understanding of whole life can inform decision-making that involves more than the consideration of capital budgets. Our value engineering support also helps eliminate any unnecessary costs.

Whole life factors

We are leaders in providing whole life value services, with specialised experience on a range of projects across most sectors. We help clients achieve value for money, optimise costs, improve processes and make the right acquisition and construction decisions at every stage of the process.  

The whole-life cost model presents the total cost implications of the project. It combines the capital costs of constructing the facility with maintenance, operational and occupational costs. Whole-life value also considers the position at the end of the study period when the facility will need to be disposed of, either by sale or redevelopment.

Life cycle assessment

We identify and analyse a project’s lifecycle costs, in addition to the significant impact that changes can have over the whole life of a building. It may be that a higher initial capital investment would generate greater value for money in the longer term, with considerably lower costs of operation, replacement and maintenance.

We provide detailed reports that comply with BS ISO 15686-5:2008 to form the solid basis of a clear asset management strategy.

Life cycle costs and sustainable solutions

We compare whole life options for construction components and services. This helps clients achieve the best value solution, considering the overall energy requirements and future running costs, leading to long-term operational benefits.

We provide a cost profile for the maintenance and component replacement requirements of a building. This allows clients to manage expenditure effectively throughout the term of the whole life value assessment period.

Our services also include a lifecycle assessment to satisfy increasing commitments to sustainability, including embodied energy comparisons and BS ISO 14040/14044 environmental effects.

Value engineering

Value engineering helps to maximise value for money, from inception to completion. 

Value engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise, but is a means of removing any element that adds cost without contributing to function or performance. This might involve materials, processes, suppliers, over-specification or the timing of project phases.