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Our experience in India

We all rely on efficient transport and infrastructure. Our clients in this sector look to us for cost-effective delivery, rigorous risk management and strong financial accountability to make that happen.

We recognise that end users want safety, reliability, good value and a comfortable and enjoyable experience from transport and infrastructure facilities. 

Solutions not problems

No one likes problems - especially customers. Although major projects can bring long term benefits, they often cause significant short term disruption and inconvenience to users.

We work to help our clients fulfil the promises they have made, to make everything run as smoothly as possible, ensuring projects complete on time and within budget. 

As infrastructure experts, we have a complete understanding of the latest materials, prices, market trends and procurement vehicles to help drive value across client assets.

Best practice advice

Our clients come to us for our experience in managing many different kinds of infrastructure projects. We work with public and private sector clients in the rail, maritime, aviation and road industries across the world. As an independent consultancy, clients benefit from an impartial service, offering balanced and objective advice.

Our teams offer strength across a range of disciplines including buildings, civil engineering, track, signalling and telecoms. Their experience means we bring real insight to procurement initiatives, contracts, dispute resolution, sustainability, collaboration, risk and health and safety.

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Ben Huskisson

Ben Huskisson
Chief Digital Officer

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Dean Purvis

Dean Purvis
Head of Infrastructure

Našim klientům poskytujeme spolehlivý obchodní a projektový management, který překračuje očekávání zainteresovaných stran a koncových uživatelů. Graham Harle, Chief Executive Officer