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Our experience in the USA

Changes in healthcare provision are driven by advances in clinical procedures, technology, organisational change, funding and a population that is growing and diversifying.

These drivers for change lead to the constant rebalancing of where treatment and care is best delivered, how it is delivered, and what outcomes are expected from the money spent.

Our experience with one of the world’s largest centrally funded providers of diagnostics, treatment and care means that we know what it takes to provide sustainable healthcare solutions.

More efficient operations

In recent years there has been pressure on realising targeted efficiencies and close examination of all operational budgets. This has translated into new ways of working, better use of expensive space - as well as adopting commercial measures, performance audits and innovative procurement solutions.

Having significant experience in both public and independent healthcare sectors, Gleeds is well placed to promote more effective ways of developing, reviewing or restructuring your capital improvement program strategy.

Harnessing specialist services

Gleeds’ specialist strategic advisory division is designed to complement our core cost management, project management and asset management services.

Our support to the public and private sector partners associated with public-private partnership projects ensures expectations are realized within the lifecycle of the concession or lease term.

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Paul Reimer

Paul Reimer
Principal, Americas

Rychle se měnící povaha zdravotnických služeb vyžaduje, abychom pro naše klienty pomáhali hledat co nejvíce komerčně orientovaná řešení - jak v krátkodobém, tak i dlouhodobém horizontu. Roger Pulham, Head of Healthcare