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Our experience in Australia

In such a competitive market we understand that profitable investment is dependent on quick action and sound information. We work with clients to determine the strategy that delivers the developments occupiers want – and are prepared to pay for.

Specialist knowledge

Our consultants balance your objectives with the pragmatic issues of development. We understand how location, current trends and specific end-user needs, all affect commercial potential. We’re also well versed at managing and protecting the varied objectives of multiple stakeholders.

From small owner-occupier developments to internationally acclaimed prestige projects, from refurbishment to new build, we can deal with every aspect of any project, however complex.

Strength of experience

Our services include cost management, which at the conceptual stage provides pre-investment inputs into the appraisal to help clients achieve a good return on investment.

We also provide building surveying, facilities management advice and specialist tax advice, as well as risk, value and project management services. 

Clients benefit from our extensive benchmarking database, which is invaluable in identifying what occupiers want, as well as analysing costs. This helps clients assess the feasibility of projects and make informed decisions.   

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Andy King

Andy King
Director, Australia

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Paul Sweeney

Paul Sweeney
Regional Director, London

Díky našim detailním znalostem tohoto rychle se měnícího trhu poskytujeme klientům také poradenství, které jim umožní přijímat rozhodnutí podložená kvalitními informacemi. Paul Sweeney, Head of Offices & Commercial