Märkisches Zentrum in Berlin

The shopping centre ‘Märkisches Zentrum’ in Berlin offers more than 50,000 m² of retail space, gastronomy, offices and medical centres as well as a 12-storey residential tower. Opened in the 1960’s and rebuilt in 2001/2002, it was high time for a new phase of modernisation to prevent vacancies and bring it into a modern era.


The new concept for the retail and service centre encompasses the partial demolition, new build and renovation of the existing buildings; the current 55,000 m² space is being expanded by 7,000 m². At the heart of the centre is the so-called market hall or ‘Markthalle’, which is to house more than 100 units for shopping, leisure and entertainment, as well as offering a variety of
cafés and restaurants.

Conversion during ongoing operations

These ambitious plans are to be implemented during the centre’s ongoing operations. This results in a demanding construction period with staggered construction phases and the implementation of an interim solution.

Open Architekture

The plans involve an open architecture concept, integrating the neighbouring open spaces to upgrade the entire area. The modern centre is to offer leisure and entertainment facilities in addition to its numerous shopping opportunities.

Gleeds’ Services

Gleeds Germany is accompanying our client through the acquisition phase of the property, as well as conducting an extensive and reliable technical diligence survey and offering our well founded technical advisory services.

Gleeds has also been appointed with the project control and cost management for the complete scope of rebuilding and new build measures.

Through our successful cooperation on various other projects such as the rebuild of the BeroCenter in Oberhausen and the Stadtgalerie in Witten, we have cemented a strong, mutually trusting basis for our working relationship.