Gold Plaza

When MKB invested in Gold Plaza, our valuable expertise looked after its interests.

At a time when other planned shopping malls in Romania were failing, we helped ensure that Gold Plaza Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Baia Mare was a success.

MKB Bank appointed Gleeds to provide employer’s agent, contract administrator and client representative services to help ensure construction was completed, despite tough economic conditions.

Fashionable destination

The 60,000m2 shopping mall that our team helped deliver enjoys a high rate of occupancy with a mix of retail and entertainment businesses, both international and national.  It is located in the north west of the country and has a catchment area of over 1.2 million inhabitants.

 The shopping mall features:

  • A multiplex cinema
  • The best range of fashion brands
  • A fitness centre, bowling alley and billiard centre
  • Underground parking for 500 cars
  • Art gallery and adventure park
  • Food courts, cafes and terraces





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Adi Budărescu

Adi Budărescu
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