The construction industry in Egypt is successfully transforming urban environments and wider infrastructure. 

Increasing numbers of both domestic and international developers are participating in this change of Egypt's real estate landscape. 

Read our report to learn more about why the construction industry is growing along with some of the challenges that need mitigating if this transformation is to be a long-term success. 

What's inside the 1Q 2024 report? 

  • External industry data: Assess the latest economic data and construction indicators to gauge Egypt’s growth trajectory. 
  • Latest trends: Keep updated on construction materials pricing and labour trends to help prepare projects for success. 
  • Market dynamics: Learn about factors affecting the industry, such as government activity and foreign investment.  

Understand the local market. Get access to all the latest insights for a full picture of how the construction industry in Egypt is driving economic growth across various sectors. 



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Sherif Sweillam
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